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We are a firm of proactive accountants who work closely with you to make the preparation of your accounts a highly beneficial process, not merely a legal requirement. We provide a full range of accountancy and tax services to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. We work with a wide range of clients from start-up companies that are breaking into the market to established companies that are trying to expand into new areas and require assistance in financial management and taxation.

Concordo is 'full-service' accounting firm offering financial management to a wide range of sectors including recruitment, interior designers, material resourcing, financial services, telecommunication, consulting, marketing, IT and construction etc.

We offer a range of outsourced compliance consultancy services. We help financial services firm achieve authorization, manage their regulatory obligations and empower their staff with focused compliance training. Concordo has an unblemished success record in obtaining authorization. We offer the FCA application management through to establishing the optimal compliance framework. You can be confident that you are getting pragmatic advice from Concordo. Whether you are a start-up or an established firm seeking variation of permissions, we start by developing a solid understanding of your business and then we steer you toward a full and complete application pack.

We specialize in preparing FCA application packs for a wide range of firms including corporate finance, consumer credit, mortgage and insurance intermediary, asset and fund managers, payment and e-money institutions etc.

If you are not an accountant, then starting a new venture can be a daunting task. Quite simply, it is essential to get professional advice when starting a business. We can help you answer such thorny issues such as should you trade as a Sole Trader, a Limited Company, or a Partnership and whether you should register for VAT etc. We help develop and implement the business strategy, structure the business (tax and regulatory) to provide a solid operational ground.

With the cross-disciplinary expertise available at Concordo, we understand the issues associated with start-ups in the context of whole business.

The Concordo HR Solutions offers HR management that is suitable for your company with efficiency. We provide a broad suite of human resource and advisory services. We manage employee relations and HR issues, providing sound and technical legal advice that makes sense for your business. We provide advice, draft contracts. Our services range from basic administration and compliance to taking an active role in recruitment and staff selection. Our services extend to compensation and benefits, salary structure, pay reviews and payroll management.

Concordo offers HR services ranging from drafting employment contracts and compliance to devising full set of policies including compensation and benefits, design and implementation of salary structure.